Do crime cameras make us safer?

Ryan Lagarde joins is right now director of project Nolan to talk about crime cameras morning sooner. Good morning. I’m well thank you for taking your time tells about the crime camera program as it exists now and and you would like to see it. Well we started back into what he did and we’re gonna come over have over 25 under cry carriage raunchy New Orleans. And I’m. Given the very large number of you your index cry and that we have engagement knows the department we’ve become the most success quite short program in the country. And how would you determine it well Johnny how would you determine its most successful only country. Oh what substance so we’ve engaged or 5000 phone lines we’ve which includes over Q under homicides. And they’re just simply isn’t enough the art program in in the United States that. Engaged nearly as many crimes as we have. Brian I’m so sorry coach Johnny because somebody’s on the screen holding it to make Colorado sorry. Tom what about the importance of I guess expanding the network in terms of if private contributions. And is there enough money in the city budget to do this. Well without private contributions. Right well we’re not receive money to do this we’ve always been a community being right or program as part which made so successful. So in arcades that homes churches businesses schools. A private property and shot it would always been privately funded as the Bible once secret nonprofit organization. So we don’t use federal money state money city. So it’s it’s always work well force that way what were hoping for right now it’s a business community. Culture to expand the system. Putting over 325. Our cameras. Falling churches and properties problems cult that’s still in the gaps on our map where we don’t have share. How did these interface with the NO PD cameras or do day. They only down. District for crying. Groups are crimes and urged there’s ours the project will require confirmation center at university. Where we watch our punter cameras. People weren’t part you have this city’s reps are crimes senator. Which marchers approximately under strategic course now of course we both work with new mostly department providing real time supplemental information. Two responding units says things happen. So real time. Supplemental information to the cameras monitored by whom that’s what confuses. And so the project note cameras dust and to be on what was hormone Richard the universe of New Orleans debts are last week who monitor those Brian. I mostly by itself. We have urged all that. Again with the partnership. Part of overlooking port deal is expanding their step so that were actually 24/7. So currently world hole after hours or when bad things happen issues that some of these robberies. We. How to remote interest assistant all the information. For physically relocate quickly should be universe in New Orleans and boldly police permission for the responding unit. Is there any way to tie all these cameras together and then hand them monitored in real time as oppose a head and go back in and pull video for. Against arrest look at their prevention has imposed a reaction. Well. Adoring exit business hours just to check the what do you we’ve beat up on that or. Open to receive your group and become 24/7. That’s actually struggled that the real time crime center on rampart has also been having as well with adequate manpower for that you operate point 47. It’s certainly would be nice to be able to do that. So you can’t find people that are either qualified or one to monitor crime Cameron’s. Well our problem has been honestly funding where we haven’t had a funny to have people this year enforceable and some money people wouldn’t have been a problem. It’s funding and so that’s been the issue for the 24/7. One other factor of this moment trying to shoot anything down I’m just wondering is. The response time has the plane this and how many police officers are on the street right because you can look at something. In real time and try to prevent it but if the officer and get there in time then you’re back to. Just providing did data to help with a conviction or an arrest correct. Pretty much so now. That alone has been open is significantly reduce crime so when we caller identifying. Most violent offenders and should you knew and when we all lower locating them and and PB is Lamotte. Basically we have less hardened criminals who order. Influencing. You and calls to the last people on the street potent and that face asking you for your money yours are so it’s it’s that alone is helping significantly. Reduce crime in areas where we have the champs. The police cameras have these blinking red and blue lights on and I guess that’s to make people aware on and off it. Keeps him from doing some dinner keeps him from doing something in front of the camera the crime cameras with project nor low or are for the most part. Like not marked right I mean. There are signs so people the people who post hammers that he date mayor Mina put a financial a lot of them do. So that note there’s hope written blue flashing lights. Is there anything indicate that dead that does. Prevent crime or doesn’t do is move it. Well. We see quite good weather we have the cameras and pitched just how hard this you’d. We didn’t. Ford knows who are not represented as a result I have ever as a they might move on so more. Bots for to avert large extent happened with our cameras. Just because. You can’t help our cameras that it could be a system that you offer somewhere else but monitored not be monitored. So what narc case which it must go look in indeed the crime usually continues for a short while outside. We’re take note note watching to see who would behoove. You know lots of Earl Bennett drug market went to the crimes yet personal to argue. More with that comes to violence. So we’ve identified the drug dealers enforcers aren’t enforcers the suppliers. That the lieutenant and in particular. Gang that. That’s controlling this. In once they’re arrested. Then and removed off the street that of course we can’t easily relocate some oracle to unity to carry on and indeed this couple blocks over there is. There are jail. So like for example. The homicide death of corporate exceptions are eager to that was. Are people involved with with her murder when children are shower and we identify all our people. They were removed from stronger jail and paper you know apprehended. Along with the drug gang that they work where we identify the enforcers were cherry log on around curtailed some of them. Just walking around shirtless with AK 47. There and so it’s the hope that this is fewer reward trigger you know you’re not going to say. Thank you are coming old talked. Thank you Brian Lagarde executive director project Nolan.

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