Technologies from Russia, US being used to crack crime swiftly in Telangana

Hyderabad: The state police has incorporated new technologies from Russia and the US which is helping it crack cases of crime, especially murder, and nab the accused quickly.

Dr D. Venkanna, head, CLUES, said the department was using Papillon, a Russian automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS), which could help quickly identify if the fingerprint lifted from the scene of the crime belonged to any known suspect.

The Mobile AFIS, also from Russia, is installed in cell phones and helps the police detect if anyone they have picked up for various reasons is wanted in crime. The technology is said to be available only with the Telangana state police said. In case the fingerprint is not on record, Dr Venkanna said, the police uses Light Source and Ruvies from the USA, to identify the possible presence of blood stains of the accused.

“Light source helps us to detect traces of blood stains and other biological fluids on the body of the victim and Ruvies helps us to recover the washed blood stains and fluids,” he said.

Together with some old fashioned detective work, the police can crack many cases in a short time.

“The general time taken to solve a murder of an unidentified person varies from less than a day to two weeks based on the clues we recover from the scene,” Dr Venkanna said.

Telangana ready to help others: Cops

Telangana police department has declared that it is ready to help other states with the new technologies if they approach the department for the same.

“As of now we have Papillon, Mobile AFIS (automated fingerprint identification system), Light Source and Ruvies from Russia and the United States. We are the first state to use these technologies. With experts using them to crack cases of crime, we are in a position to help the police forces of other states with these technologies,” said a police official.

This article originally appeared here via Google News