Florida Professional Firefighters back Bill Nelson’s re-election

Sen. Bill Nelson kicked off Thursday with an endorsement from Florida Professional Firefighters.

The group, which represents over 25,000 firefighters and EMS personnel across Florida, endorsed the incumbent Democrat as a staunch defender of firefighters and first responders.

“For those who are willing to risk their lives every day to protect millions of Floridians, it’s so important to have the support of leaders we know will support us, our work, our benefits and our families and Sen. Nelson has been a tremendous advocate for Florida’s firefighters,” said James Tolley, president of Florida Professional Firefighters.

“Sen. Nelson has been steadfast in his support of firefighters and first responders, working to protect our health care and benefits. Senator Nelson led the fight in Congress to secure funding for training and vital equipment and technology to keep our firefighters and first responders safe on the job. When our benefits have been under attack,” Tolley added, “we know Senator Nelson will always have our back in fighting for us and the support we need to do our jobs.”

Nelson said it was an “absolute honor to receive the support of Florida’s firefighters and first responders – the men and women who risk their lives to protect Floridians every single day.”

“These public servants have dedicated their lives to keep our communities safe and we owe it to our first responders, their families and their communities to ensure they have the equipment and technology to perform their jobs and for us to do everything in our power to advocate for their health care, pensions and other benefits,” Nelson added.

Expect the Nelson campaign to contrast Nelson’s record to that of Gov. Scott.

The media release asserts that Scott “personally killed a $2,000 pay raise for underpaid state firefighters who earn an average salary of $27,475 a year.”

We fully expect response is forthcoming from the Scott camp.

This article originally appeared here via Google News