Polls, possibility of ballot in Turkey 10 days from vote – Politics – ANSAMed

(ANSAmed) – ISTANBUL, JUNE 14 – A run-off looks increasingly
likely between Turkey’s incumbent president Recep Tayyip Erdogan
and his opponent Muharrem Ince of the secular and republican
party CHP, according to opinion polls conducted 10 days ahead of
the early elections.
Most polls released in the last few hours put Erdogan below
the threshold of 50% needed for an outright victory on the first
Support for the incumbent ranges between 43% and 46%, while
Ince is currently polling around 29%.

In the event of a run-off the secular candidate would however
take many of the votes given to the other main candidates in the
first round.

These are Meral Aksener, who is expected to take between 9%
and 14%, way below initial expectations, and Selahattin
Demirtas, who is polling 9-12% despite running from inside jail.

They are trailed by Temel Karamollaoglu of the Islamist SP
with 2-3%. He is however part of the anti-Erdogan coalition.


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